Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) / Item No: JB181BA22

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With Contacts

Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) / Item No: JB181BA22

Item No: JB181BA22 Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) Our DT Series connectors offer reliability and rugged quality, with optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, lower cost, and design flexibility; Waterproof and dustproof will without loss of electronic qualities or leakage after installed.Wide Application:These waterproof connectors are suitable for various wire connectors of motorcycle, scooter, car, truck, quad bike, caravan, marine, jet ski, boats.

Product Introduction

Item No: JB181BA22  Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series)



Body: Carbon Steel
Handle: PP+TPR(PAHs Approved)
Material: AISI-4140
Procedure: Precision and Wax-Lost Casting
Treatment: Finished with Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment: Zinc Phosphate

●Made in TAIWAN-More LiCrim Crimper Function : Please Press the button "Download" to get it.

●CHANGE CRIMPING JAWS IN SECONDS - Create Your Own Crimping Tool Set: The no-jaws ratchet crimping tool match any LiCrim quick change crimping jaws you need.
●Handily Crimping: Replace the required crimping jaws just a few seconds.The jaws can be replaced in 5 seconds. Slide in, slide out. Patented in USA, Germany, China, Taiwan .
●PROFESSIONAL CRIMPING TOOL - precisely calibrated hand crimper tool delivers proper crimps for any terminal type and size.
●Quick release lever frees the crimper jaws in any position and when crimp is complete, acts as a built-in safety measure that can open the handles whenever tool is jammed or stuck.
●EFFICIENT RATCHETING MECHANISM - This crimper will release automatically, applying the same amount of crimping force every time. Ratcheting action allows for precise, repeatable crimps and prevents over crimping that would damage wire and terminal. It also conveniently enables you to secure a wire connector in the jaw before inserting the stripped wire into the barrel.
●Adjustable Compression Wheel- Adjustable clamping force coupled with ratcheting mechanism enables precise, repeatable crimps. Compression wheel can be adjusted by removing screw. Twist right to tighten and left to loosen.Adjustable crimp height of star wheel,to ensure the right amount of crimping force.The star wheel to adjust the crimping force with (+) and (-) indicators. The minus (-) direction provides less crimping force, while the plus (+) direction increases the crimping force.
●ERGONOMIC HANDLES - These enlarged, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong and comfortable grip in any condition.No tools required. These jaws are not compatible with the fixed jaw crimping tools.

Packing List: 

                        Blow Case and Color Sleeve 

Blow Case Size:  38.8 x 31 x 7.1 cm
Unit Weight:  2.25 kgs


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