49PCE Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) / Item No: JB49KA22

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49PCE Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) / Item No: JB49KA22

Item No: JB49KA22 Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series) Easy operation with smooth action.positive ratcheting.Nicely desigh.Good value.Durable and crimper tool.Ergonomic design.

Product Introduction

Item No: JB49KA22  49PCE Deutsch(S&F) Contacts Assembly Kit (For DT Series)

Crimping tool for wire connectors desigh features with precise ratchet structure and ergonomic handle.
Make the crimp firm and tight.The quick release
lever feature means that anyone can easily master it. It is a general purpose tool in wiring projects.

• Precise Ratchet Structure:According to the pressure needed to crimp products of different sizes, the built-in thickened ratchet automatically adjusts to the appropriate position to ensure the safe completion of crimping with easy release of the handle. The crimp height of the star wheel is adjustable to ensure the right amount of crimping force.
• Ergonomic Design: non-slip handle ensures comfortable and swift operation. There is a quick-release lever on the inside of the handle that opens the jaws.
Durable, Comfortable Handles
Bi-material handles feature an ergonomic design for a comfortable, secure grip.
• Quick Release Lever
Once crimp has been completed, quick release lever is activated and handles release.
• Adjustable Compression Wheel
Adjustable clamping force coupled with ratcheting mechanism enables precise, repeatable crimps. Compression wheel can be adjusted by removing screw. Twist right to tighten and left to loosen.
• Built-in Safety
If the tool becomes stuck or jammed, lift the quick release lever and the tool will open.
• Ratcheting Mechanism
Ratcheting action allows for precise, repeatable crimps and prevents over crimping that would damage wire and terminal. It also conveniently enables you to secure a wire connector in the die before inserting the stripped wire into the barrel.

Packing List: 
                        PP Box & Label

Blow Case Size:  32.5 x 21 x 4.5 cm

Unit Weight:  1.02kgs