About Us

As a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in Taiwan,we are specialized in high-end crimper for wire harness and connectors since 1997.

We communicate with customers directly and offer total solutions of ODM <Our ODM brand :LiCrim> or OEM to solve the problems and meet market demands.

Customers from in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia collaborate with us in customized products and have great success.

The patented exchangeable ratchet crimper with comprehensive jaws is suitable for terminal and wire harness repair in aftermarket.

The applications of exchangeable crimping tool are in various areas, such as automobile, motorcycle, Agricultural Vehicles, boats, solar devices, and household apparatus.

With the technical support of German partners, Hsun Wang Ind. launches new jaws annually to tackle the terminals and connectors from Delphi, Molex to Yazaki ,Tyco ,AMP, OEM,Deutsch...system.

Hsun Wang Ind. has earned well reputation in the industry around the world because of high precision performance and German-designed-made-in-Taiwan quality. Hsun Wang Ind. is not only your supplier, but also your partner. Together, we can have win-win business.

please check our main product series line :

1.Our famous exchangeable crimper frame to match over 50 kinds of jaw sets with technical support from German partners.   Quick change ratchet crimper ( J series)

2.Twin quick change ratchet crimper are granted patents in Germany, USA, Taiwan and China.  Twin quick change crimper (H Series)

3.Fix type ratchet crimper series with over 50 kinds of crimping tools.   Fixed ratchet crimper ( Q Series)

4.Connector and wire harness series are waterproof of IP68 and IP67.  Waterproof connectors (E Series)

5.Professional Threaded Coil-Insert Repair Kit for repairing and restoring damaged threads, suitable for machine construction, engine repair and other automotive applications  Threaded Coil-Insert (R Series)

6.Heat Shrink Tube Series are universally applied to provide waterproof,airproof,anti-corrosion protection to metal wire, pump, repairing electrical wire, cable, and contacting wire. Heat Shrink Tube Series (S Series)

more products series please check  More product series

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