Deutsch Crimper Tool and Terminal Release Tool / Item No: Q065BDK7

  • manufacturer crimping tool  Q065BDK7
  • Deutsch Solid Crimper  Q065BDK7
  • Deutsch Solid Crimper  hsunwang
  • Deutsch Solid Crimper Q065BDK7
  • taiwan crimping tool Q065BDK7
  • taiwan crimping tool Q065BDK7
Single Function

Deutsch Crimper Tool and Terminal Release Tool / Item No: Q065BDK7

Deutsch Crimper Tool for DEUTSCH DT, DTM, & DTP Connectors
Deutsch crimper and Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 12-20 Gage

Product Introduction

Item No: Q065BDK7 Deutsch Solid Crimper Kit

Deutsch Crimper Tool for DEUTSCH DT, DTM, & DTP Connectors Deutsch crimper and Deutsch Terminal Release Tool for 12-20 Gage

Suitable for DT, DTM, DTV, DRB, DRCP and STRIKE* connectors
Fit deutsch terminals used in automotive, motorcycles, heavy-duty trucks, construction and agricultural equipment, and some outboard motors
Tools specially designed to safely remove wires from terminal blocks without damage
Used in the removal of 16# round terminal in Deutsch DT series connector and AMPSEAL 16* Connector System
Please Note: this removal tool can be used not only for connector terminals in industrial applications, but also for daily disassembly tools to meet the needs of home maintenance. Widely used, wear-resistant materials.

3 Pcs 14/16/20 AWG Deutsch Terminal Release Tool - Car Wiring Connector Harness Socket Plug Pin Release Kit Vehicles Cars Mechanics
Deutsch Terminal release Kit is used to quickly release terminals on cars
Safe release of terminals without damaging the vehicle wiring harness or terminal blocks
Three sizes - suitable for 14, 16 and 20 AWG measuring line applications
The slotted shaft is made of stainless steel and does not bend
Widely used for vehicles, trucks and equipment on the German terminal connectors. Such as Caterpillar, Peter Bildt, cargo fleet, construction & agricultural machinery etc.Due to the Deutsch terminals and Connectors were applied to the high added-value Agricultural and construction machinery under the harsh environment ( ultra-high/low temperature, Dust, underground, etc ).
Especially for the Military equipment, it is necessary for high-quality spec requirements.
We will provide these new release tools to replace the traditional remover base on the Deutsch terminal gauge size different to remove them simply and safely to save time and effort.

8.7 ratchet crimper series 

Body: Carbon Steel
Handle: PP+TPR(PAHs Approved)
Material: AISI-4140
Procedure: Precision and Wax-Lost Casting
Treatment: Finished with Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment: Zinc Phosphate

●Made in TAIWAN-More LiCrim Crimper Function : Please Press the button "Download" to get it.
Packing List: 

                        Blow Case and Color Sleeve 

Blow Case Size:  28 x 19.5 x 5 cm
Unit Weight:  1.01kgs