14PCE Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit / Item No: JB14BE25

  • Deutsch Contacts Crimper JB14BE25
  • JB14BE25 Deutsch Contacts Crimper
  • Deutsch Contacts Crimper JB14BE25
  • JB14BE25 crimping tool
  • JB14BE25  Deutsch Contact crimping tool
  • JB14BE25  licrim
  • JB14BE25  wire stripper
  • JB14BE25
  • JB14BE25
  • JB14BE25
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14PCE Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit / Item No: JB14BE25

Item No: JB14BE25 14PCE Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit

Product Introduction

Item No: JB14BE25  14PCE Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit

Die for Deutsch Contact DTP(Stamped & Formed) / Item No. : J12JK1 
Die for Deutsch Contact DTP (Stamped & Formed) / Item No. : J12JK2
Die for Deutsch Contact DT (Stamped & Formed) / Item No. : J12JK3
Die for Deutsch Contact DT(Stamped & Formed) / Item No. : J12JK4
Die for Deutsch Contact DTM(Stamped & Formed) / Item No. :J12JK5
Die for Deutsch Contact DT (Stamped & Formed) / Item No. :J12JK6
8.7"Quick Change Ratchet Crimper (JB)
7" 4-Way Grinding Wire Stripper(With Lock)
PP Box

Quick Change Cable Crimping Kit. No tools required. The dies can be replaced in 5 seconds. Slide in, slide out
Suitable for Deutsch stamped & formed contacts (Not for Deutsch solid contacts)
For a wide range of crimping needs this universal kit is ideal for the tradesman, auto electrician, mechanic and home handyman
Suitable for DT P, DT and DT M Series Connectors
AISI 4140 dies - Chromium-molybdenum alloy steel ensures uniform hardness and high strength. The dies are heat treated and have a zinc phosphate surface treatment.

Electrical terminals are crimped by squeezing the handle through a complete cycle until the handle releases automatically. Precise ratcheting mechanism will ensure the same amount of crimping force for all your crimps. Professional grade crimping dies will ensure strong and durable crimps every time.

PERFECT CRIMPS EVERY TIME - Precise ratcheting mechanism makes proper uniform crimps every time
EFFORTLESS CRIMPING - Professional grade crimping mechanism for all day crimping without sore hands
ADJUSTABLE CRIMPING FORCE - Adjust crimping height to apply the right amount of crimping force

COMPATIBILITY - Individual crimping dies will work with our crimping tools with quick change locking mechanism. These dies are not compatible with the fixed die crimping tools.
●Made in TAIWAN-More LiCrim Crimper information : Please Press the button "Download" to get it.

Packing List: 
10/CTN/13.9/14.9/KGS/1.4'  Blow Case and Color Sleeve 

Blow Case Size:  28.1 x 19.5 x 6 cm
Unit Weight:  1.39kgs