15PCE 9" Plus Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit / Item No: JD15BF13

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15PCE 9" Plus Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit / Item No: JD15BF13

Item No: JD15BF13 for Deutsch Contact DT (Stamped & Formed) For Deutsch Stamped & Formed type Disconnector (AEC,DRB,DRC,DT,DTV,HD10,HD30,HDP20 Series Connector)

Product Introduction

Item No: JD15BF13  9" Plus Deutsch Contacts Crimper Kit

Confined crimp For B Crimp(F Crimp) / Overlap crimp.The jaw structure is precise to ensure firmly grasps the wires after crimping .
contact size 16

Applicable: Heavy Duty, Transportation, Marine, Diagnostic, Military, Alternative Energy and Agriculturalx

For Deutsch Stamped & Formed type Disconnector (AEC,DRB,DRC,DT,DTV,HD10,HD30,HDP20 Series Connector)
These dies are not compatible with the fixed die crimping tools.

HIGH LEVERAGE CRIMPING TOOL - 9" Crimping tool can crimp larger diameter terminals - up to 4 AWG.
INCREASED CRIMPING ANGLE - Allows to crimp large diameter wire connectors with less effort. Crimps 26 - 4 AWG terminals.
ERGONOMIC HANDLES - These enlarged, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong and comfortable grip in any condition.
PROFESSIONAL CRIMPING TOOL - Precisely calibrated hand crimper tool delivers proper crimps for any terminal type and size.
●CHANGE CRIMPING DIES IN SECONDS - Create Your Own Crimping Tool Set: The no-dies ratchet crimping tool match any LiCrim quick change crimping dies you need.
●Handily Crimping: Replace the required crimping dies just a few seconds.The dies can be replaced in 5 seconds. Slide in, slide out. Patented in USA, Germany, China, Taiwan .

Packing List: 

                        Blow Case and Color Sleeve 

Blow Case Size:  28.3 x 26.1 x 6.8 cm
Unit Weight:  1.68 kgs