22PCE Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube Kit(Adhesive) / Item No: S0322KA

  • S0322KA Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube
  • S0322KA hsunwang
  • S0322KA Shrink Ratio
Heat Shrink Tube Series

22PCE Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube Kit(Adhesive) / Item No: S0322KA

3:1 SHRINK RATIO - Recovers to 1/3 of its original diameter, and makes a tight seal. Eliminates the problem of 2:1 tubing not shrinking tight enough.
GLUE INSIDE - When heat is applied, adhesive comes out and seals the connection, creating waterproof and long-lasting insulation.
DUAL WALL TUBING - Outer wall provides abrasion resistance. Inner wall creates waterproof seal and strain relief.

Product Introduction

Item No: S0322KA 22PCE Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube Set(Adhesive)

  • Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube-Black
  • Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube-Red

Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube:
Material: Polyolefin
1. Operating Temperature: -45°C~ +125°C
2. Shrink Temperature: Start at 70°C ; Shrunk totally at 125°C
3. Shrink Ratio: 3:1
4. Maximum Electrical Rating: 600 Volts
5. Waterproof
1.Protection and insulation of components and wires.
2.Adhesive Lined inner wall seals and protects against moisture ingress preventing corrosion.
3.Quickly & simply shrink by Heat gun.
4. Waterproof
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Great variety of top pro-quality heat shrink tubing.Heat activated adhesive lining provides impermeable seal to salt water and other liquids.
Includes handy plastic container for easy organization and storage.
3:1 heat shrink ratio. Will shrink up to 1/3 of original diameter.

Packing List: 

                        PP Box

PP box Size:  27.6 ×18.8 × 4  cm
Unit Weight:  407g