Jaw for Insulated Terminal / Item No. : J12JA

  • Quick Change Crimping Jaw J12JA-ForInsulatedTerminal-licrim-J12JA-Jaw-crimp-crimping-crimp tool-crimping tool-hsunwang-hsunwang.com
  • Jaw for Insulated Terminal  J12JA-ForInsulatedTerminal-J12JA-Jaw-crimp-crimping-crimp tool-crimping tool-hsunwang-licrim-hsunwang.com
  • J12JA INSULATED COPPER TERMINALS-ForInsulatedTerminal-J12JA-Jaw-crimp-crimping-crimp tool-licrim-crimping tool-hsunwang-hsunwang.com
  • Vinyl Insulated (Single Crimp) J12JA-ForInsulatedTerminal-J12JA-Jaw-crimp-crimping-crimp tool-crimping tool-hsunwang-licrim-hsunwang.com
  • Designed by Germany, Made in Taiwan-MIT-ForInsulatedTerminal-J12JA-Jaw-crimp-crimping-crimp tool-licrim-crimping tool-hsunwang-hsunwang.com
For Insulated Contacts

Jaw for Insulated Terminal / Item No. : J12JA

Vinyl Insulated (Single Crimp) & Insulated Copper Terminals.
Item No. : J12JA

Product Introduction

Item No. : J12JA   Quick Change Crimping Jaw for Insulated Terminal AWG 22-10

Suitable for
● AWG 22-18/16-14/12-10
● DIN 0.5-1.0/1.5-2.5/4-6 m㎡

This jaw is marked with red/blue/yellow for easy identification.

Confined crimp for insulated terminals.

Applicable: Auto & Machine Wiring & Electrical & Electronic Device

Compatible with LiCrim Quick Change crimper frames system as below:


Made in TAIWAN-More LiCrim Crimper Single Function : Please Press the button "Download" to get it.

Material: AISI- 4140
Procedure: Precision and Wax-lost Casting
Treatment: Finished with heat treatment
Surface treatment : Zinc Phosphate

AISI 4140 JAWS - AISI 4140 is a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. The chromium content provides good hardness penetration, and the molybdenum content ensures uniform hardness and high strength. The dies are heat treated and have a zinc phosphate surface treatment

COMPATIBILITY - Individual crimping jaws will work with our crimping tools with quick change locking mechanism. These dies are not compatible with the fixed die crimping tools.No tools required.

The jaws can be replaced in 5 seconds. Slide in, slide out. Patented in USA, Germany, China, Taiwan

Packing List:  120/240/CTN/15.3/16.3/KGS/1.2'   
Sliding Card Size: 11.3 x 8.3 x 1.5 cm
Unit Weight:  63.6g


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