Wire Stripper / Item No: CS60


Wire Stripper / Item No: CS60

Item No: CS60

Product Introduction

Item No: CS60

Quick, easy and highly efficient

  • Quickly adjust length and cross-section
  • Carrying handle allows for portable use
  • Large graphic display simplifies adjustment
  • The automatic clamping forcing adjustment protects sensitive insulations

The CS 60 can be easily adjusted with the large, user-friendly buttons. The large graphic display visualises the data entered. In just a few seconds, the cross-section and stripping adjustments are completed, which implies that the CS 60 is also well suited for small series.

In addition, the partial stripping function allows cable to be prepared in larger numbers. The cable insulation is not completely stripped and this prevents the strands from fanning out.


  • Cable assembly
  • Switch cabinet building


  • Semicicular special blades adapted to cable diameter