Cross Cutting Machine / Item No: LC100


Cross Cutting Machine / Item No: LC100

Item No: LC100

Product Introduction

Item No: LC100

For cutting cables, strands, fine wire and tubes to length

  • Easy and safe to handle
  • Quick and simple material change                                          
  • Cable diameter is automatically recognised 
  • Light weight allows easy transportation
  • Enhanced measurement accuracy due to independent measuring system
  • Simple and quick input due to clear graphic display and control panel

Cutting wires, cables and tubes with the LC 100 offers a considerable saving potential. The front safety cover is simply opened by pressing a button. After the insertion of the material, both the measuring rollers and the transport rollers are automatically adjusted onto the diameter whilst closing the cover. Enter the required length and the number of pieces and the production can start.

With the provided software it is possible to improve production as repeat cutting orders can be processed on the PC and transferred to the LC 100.


  • Cable assembly for medium to small production series
  • Prototype construction
  • Switch cabinet building


  • Steel rollers for very hard materials
  • PU-coated rollers for sensitive cable insulations
  • Cable dereeler DR 30 for trouble-free feeding of cables
  • Software for processing repeating orders and series production
  • Printer for wire marking