Crimper for Superseal 1.5 Terminal & Seal / Item No: P79I

  • AMP Superseal crimper p79
  • Superseal crimping tool p79
  • amp Superseal 1.5 crimping tool p79
  • manufacturer crimping tool
  • taiwan crimping tool
Single Function

Crimper for Superseal 1.5 Terminal & Seal / Item No: P79I

Item No: P79I Crimper for Superseal 1.5 Terminal & Seal /Crimper for Delphi Metri-Pack 150, 280 & Weather-Pack Terminals

Product Introduction

Item No: P79I Crimper for Superseal 1.5 Terminal & Seal

Crimper for AMP Superseal 1.5 Terminal & Seal

Seal: Superseal 1.5 Seals
Wire Crimp for : AWG 22-20(0.35-0.5mm2) / AWG 18(0.75mm2) / AWG 17(1.0mm2) / AWG 16(1.5mm2)
Confined crimp for: B Crimp(F Crimp)& Overlap crimp

2 Step Crimping. First crimp the wire onto the terminal, then crimp the seal- Comfortable non-slip handles. Made in Taiwan

High quality ensures the durability and long term wearability and the adjustable crimping force improves adaptability

Applicable to found on motorcycles, trucks, construction equipment, race cars, agricultural equipment, heavy duty vehicles and other vehicles and equipment subject to excessive vibration

●Made in TAIWAN-More LiCrim Crimper Single Function : Please Press the button "Download" to get it.
●ERGONOMIC HANDLES - These enlarged, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong and comfortable grip in any condition

Handle Material: PP+TPR (RoHS Approved) Non-slip

●Die Material:AISI-4140
Procedure: Precision and Wax-Lost Casting
Treatment: Finished with Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment : Zinc Phosphate

Packing List: 

                        Sliding Card

Sliding Card Size:  27.2 × 11.5 × 2.2 cm
Unit Weight:  327g